NiteKirk was undertaken with support from the Mission and Discipleship Council of the Church of Scotland. A wonderful, enthusiastic, diverse and very ecuemenical team of volunteers made the event happen during the fist week of August in Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh. When the Church does something different and something that genuinely engages with people without asking questions about affiliation or belief or doctrinal position then ecumenical initiatives really begin to work well. That should teach us something.  The main purpose of Nitekirk was to make a sacred space and all it means accessible to people who might have difficulty with the Sunday morning culture. It is an attempt to let the spiritual emerge from people rather than truing to cram something in. Greyfriars was decked with soft lighting, candles and art installations. It created a welcoming and atmospheric place. The music, the offerings of prayer and poetry, the silence and the hospitality enfolded those who came and the experience of nearly all our vistors was positive. The pace of life slowed down and people lingered and spent time in reflection or quiet conversation and a number of us simultaeneously thought of the idea of “Slow Church”. See a film of the Nitekirk experience on YouTube


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