Greyfriars Herb Garden, Edinburgh

We at Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh have a long history of working with people who have experienced disadvantage and homlessness and the Kirkyard Herb Garden Project is one amongst many that we are piloting to give people an opportunity to get outdoors, do something creative and give people ownership and a sense of responsibility for public spaces. The Kirkyard was a herb garden in the middle ages when the Grey Friars cultivated medicinal herbs here.

In the course of 2009, we hope to establish a herb garden in the Kirkyard once more. With the support of Edinburgh City Council and many others we have put together a small team of enthusiastic people who have already begun some of the groundwork.

The ambition is to improve the lives of those who work on the project, to improve the security, amenity and biodiversity of the kikryard and to create meditative and cheering spaces for visitors. In addition, we hope to harvest some of the herbs for herbal remedies.

Watch this site for more updates


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