Why I love India

India is the cradle of human civilisations. Since the very origin of human life “out of Africa” community after community has arisen on the Indian subcontinent and its spiritual traditions have accrued an unrivalled depth of wisdom and insight. The depth of the soil in India may have something to do with the persistence and ubiquity of waves civilisation that have made India the fascinating and rich culture that it remains today. The rivers that flow down from the Himalaya carry tons and tons of mineral rich silt from the mountains and the soil in some areas can be literally hundreds of feet deep. (Compare that to the shallow inches soil in the much more ancient and eroded land of Australia, where farming only barely clings on). India continues to be a rich and fertile place and its agriculture continues to provide the basis for repeated upsurges of cultural development. India defines for us the necessary and often neglected relationship between soil fertility, succesful agriculture and the persistence of civilisation. How long do you give Dubai or Las Vegas, two places built on desert and dollars?


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