One of the greatest sins of humanity is hubris. From Gilgamesh to Fred Goodwin, there is nothing new under the sun. Each has his nemesis and it gets no less painful to watch. If we are to achieve any kind of maturity then it will come about hand in hand with humility. In terms of our relationship to the creation, we have often thought of ourselves as subduers, caretakers and the world there at our disposal. We have plundered and exploited and now we may be approaching humanity’s nemesis, unless we can mature. If we learned to be more humble in our attitude to nature, we would dispense with ideas of sovereignty and even stewardship. Instead, we would see ourselves as servants and nurturers. The Romanian word “Gospoder” combines two ideas, that of a householder who cares deeply and takes a pride in a home; and the idea of a diligent, hardworking person, who is tireless in providing for the needs of all in the house. “Gospoder” seems to capture, in a more wholesome way, the kind of relationship with nature that we need to embrace.


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