Partnerships and Placements at GCP


External Agencies

Actively desiring not to duplicate the services of other agencies in Edinburgh, GCP has sought to form both formal and informal partnerships with other organisations in the sector. It is GCP’s belief that working with partners allows all organisations to offer more with less through joint initiatives. These informal partnerships manifest in many ways such as; a nurse from the NHS Homeless Practice offing an informal surgery in the centre, Edinburgh University Settlement’s ‘Reading Your Writes’ literacy programme sending learners to GCP’s workshops for the ‘in the world’[1] component to their programme, and the Rock Trust[2] bringing a group of young people to GRoW for confidence building sessions. Specific partnerships have been included where relevant throughout the report.


Part of GCP’s community engagement strategy is to develop positive and active relationships with local schools and community groups. Formal relationships have been formed with Fettes College, George Heriot’s School as a part of their International baccalaureate programme, as well as Comely Bank Boys Brigade as a part of their Queen Badge service. There are 18 placements all together combining working and learning alongside the more traditional service users and volunteers and monthly one-on-one sessions with the Senior Project Coordinator, combining practical action and critical reflection.

It is also important to encourage supported volunteering placements for adults. GCP has now formed formal relationships with the Iona Community’s Project Jacob[3] and Action for Employment’s (A4e) job seeker’s programme[4]; each project has individuals serving in a structured volunteering programme, along the same lines as the student placements, with GCP. There are also two interns from Inter:act’s[5] Gap Year programme combining one day a week in the project with 2 days of reflective study in Morningside.

[1] Reading Your Writes uses practical activities, like woodwork or gardening, as tools for literacy development (e.g. writing stories about plants or experiences gardening). See for more information


[3]Project Jacob is a supported programme for vulnerable young people caught in a world of crime. See for more information. GCP will be taking on a second supported volunteer from Project Jacob in Spring 2010.


[5] Inter:act is a gap year programme sponsored by Morningside Baptist Church


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