Iona Bendicite

                                       An Iona benedicite


O angels of the Lord, bless the Lord,

O saints of these parts, bless the Lord,

O servants of Christ who here have sung praises to God, through many generations,

O souls of the faithful who rest in Jesus, bless the Lord,

O kindly folk of this place, bless the Lord

O sheep and horned cattle, O lambs that jump in the fields,

O fish that glisten in the waters, O rooks that caw from the sycamores, bless the Lord,

O buzzards that caw from the sycamores,

 O gulls that fill the beaches with your clamour, bless the Lord,

O terns and gannets that dive headlong for your prey, bless the Lord,

O dunlins that wheel in unison over the waves,

O sea creatures that navigate the oceans,

O larks that carol in the heavens, bless the Lord,

O blackbirds that pipe at dawning, bless the Lord

O warblers and wrens that make the fields joyful with song, bless the Lord,

O bees that love the heather,

 O flowers that gem the earth with colour, bless the Lord,

O green trees that stand tall on the hillsides,

O piled rocks, fashioned by nature’s might through countless ages, bless the Lord,

O majestic peaks, O white sand and emerald shallows, O blue and purple deeps of ocean, bless the Lord,

O winds and cloud,

O all the works of the Lord, bless the Lord.


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