Priests of the earth

I love the idea that Homo – Sapiens might one day evolve to become Homo – Eucharisticus, the priests of the earth, the purpose of our intelligence being to cherish what is left of the earth and see it flourish, to see the sacred in the every day and re-enchant nature by our care, mercy, justice and humility. One of the great gurus of the environmental movement, John Seymour died a few years ago. But in one of the last speeches he gave he talked of a new age emerging for humanity. The age of plunder, he said, was being slowly replaced by the age of healing. This is not just wishful thinking, in the light of the present challenges we face in terms of environmental degradation, loss of habitat, species and climate change it is an endlessly urgent call to rethink our relationship with the natural order. Like the trees clapping their hands, we are meant, like the creator, to “love the world so much” and sing its praises and dance to the rhythms of creation. 


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