Healing Personhood


This is a stained glass window that remembers Jane Haining, a teacher from Glasgow who worked in a girls’ school in Budapest during World War II. She was arrested and executed by the Nazis for sheltering Jewish children.

It is very tempting when we encounter someone with a problem immediately to imagine that with our resources and expertise and even our faith, we can find a solution to their problem. But this is not the way that Jesus went about his ministry. When Jesus visits the town of Jericho (Mark 10: 46 – 52), everyone is slightly embarrassed by the fuss Bartimaeus makes. Here is a blind beggar causing a scene and lowering the tone of the neighbourhood. Sometimes we don’t want important visitors to see the dark underbelly of our community, we want people to see our place at its best. So everyone tells Bartimaeus to be quiet. However, Jesus hears him and calls him over. But Jesus does not immediately offer to find a solution to Bartimaeus’s problem, instead he asks him, “Bartimaeus, what do you want me to do for you?” Then, when the healing takes place, Jesus does not take any credit himself. Instead, he says, “Your faith has made you well”. In other words, Bartimaeus’s rediscovery of self after being heard and acknowledged as a human being, not just a problem, is what has healed him.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, in our eagerness to help fix the problems of other people’s lives, help us to ensure that we see the person before we see the problem and that we do not take credit for things accomplished by your Holy Spirit. Amen.


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