The Call to Humility


In our desire to share the word of God and the message of the Gospel, it is easy to imagine that we have something that others need. My experience of working amongst some of our most vulnerable citizens over many years is that we do not take Christ anywhere, rather we find Him already amongst the lost and the alone. Far from being the one to share the message, I have often found myself being on the receiving end of a new insight and a deeper understanding of the compassion of Christ when I have been alongside a person in despair. The Christ I thought I knew is always one step ahead and always leading me on to new insights and a deeper grasp of his meaning and message and I realise how little I have understood Him.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, if I have ever thought that others might be the beneficiary of my insight, my knowledge and my faith, give me the humility to see that I have so much still to learn, so much growing still to do and that, sometimes, we encounter you in the most unlikely people and circumstances. Amen


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