All have needs


In the Grassmarket Centre we have about 300 members. We do not use the terms “service users” and “volunteers”, everyone is a member. So, people who come to us because they have been homeless or struggling with addiction or a mental health problem are treated in exactly the same way as a business executive who wants to “give something back” by volunteering. The reason is that we believe we all have needs, we all have learning difficulties and there is no such thing as a person who is entirely “fixed” and another who is full of problems with nothing to offer. In the exchange that happens between our members the traffic is always two way. We are always learning from one another and receiving gifts as well as bringing them.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, just as you expanded the imagination of your disciples to see that God’s love was for more than just the people of Israel, help us daily to grow in our understanding of the scope and depth of your love. Help us to avoid policing the boundaries of our churches and imagine that there are insiders and outsiders, when all are your children and worthy of your love. There is no them and us, only us, your children. Amen.


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